The Gem of Karlovy Vary - Spa cup Kala

The Imperial Karlovy Vary spa business organization created its very own spa cup Kala (Calla Lily) fully in the spirit of its corporate philosophy entitled “the Modern Spa Creator”. The extraordinary design, excellent craftsmanship and utility innovations give the Kala the hallmark of uniqueness thanks to which it received the patronage of Mrs. Livia Klausová, the wife of the Czech President.

The handmade cup was created in cooperation with young designer Štěpán Kuklík and Thun-Studio, a renowned china manufacturer based in Karlovy Vary. Innovative is not only the insertion of a straw inside the cup, a feature evoking the illusion of a calla blossom with a pistil, but also the graphical mark on the inside.

Effective and comfortable

Spa cups have been an essential drinking cure component for centuries; whereas the cups of Karlovy Vary rank among the oldest ones. In the 19th century some of them were printed with information on total contents. However, in the course of time this practical detail fell into oblivion. The Kala development was consulted with our leading spa specialists. As a result optimum recommended daily doses of mineral water are marked on the inside of every cup. This innovation will bring you more comfort and make your drinking cure more efficient.

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200 ml 150 ml 125 ml 100 ml

The new spa cup continues in the best traditions of Czech therapeutic spas and develops it in sync with up-to-date knowledge and trends. The cup had its design premiere in the Superstudio during the DesignBlok exhibition. It was included in the collections kept by the Karlovy Vary Regional Museum and by the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague. The Kala is a dignified representative of the company Imperial Karlovy Vary, the whole Czech spa industry, modern Czech design and the quality china manufactured in Karlovy Vary. The company Imperial Karlovy Vary purchases several types of these cups with a number of decors.

Taking care of your cup

The Kala does not require any special maintenance but appreciates careful rinsing with lukewarm water after every use because the thermal springs of Karlovy Vary have high mineral contents. Please note that the cup sisters called Argenta and Aurea are finished with printed decors that are more vulnerable than that of the Alba cup. If you want to keep the perfectly lustrous beauty of these cups never let them take an invigorating shower in a dishwasher.

We believe that the Kala will bring you many pleasant moments during your walks along the esplanades in Karlovy Vary and that this tiny cup will remain a treasured memory and symbol of your way towards a healthy and satisfied life.

You can order this cup in advance when booking your stay online on our web site. Upon your arrival your cup will be waiting for you at our reception. Alternatively, you can visit the concierge service of the Hotel Imperial or the Spa Resort Sanssouci and buy the cup there.